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The Last Time Travelers

Timeless Music for Fellow Travelers

Being students of all things relative to time The Last Time Travelers have wasted no time worrying about the past.

As our experience of space grew limited and somewhat locked down they looked forward, all the while passing the time taking notice, recording and sharing those notes.

Long ago having discovered the secret of sharing audible ideas at near the speed of light they unleashed the computerized carrier pigeons capable of the work that was needed.

It turned out to be a viral moment. A contagious connection. Dave Solon and Tom Rollison had known each other for five years having played in the well regarded Bay Area jam band Relatively Dead. After the band broke up Tom met Dan Lin and quickly realized there was kinship in love of composition and exploration.

As the distancing fell upon us, imposed as it were due to other contagious connections, Tom and Dan began writing together, sharing old ideas and new. Adding flesh to old bones and birthing new.

But something was missing. A beat. A real beat. Reaching back to solid connections Tom reconnected with Dave and lo, the beat was real. Time witnessed the passage of the beat and declared, “The beat is good.” 

And so The Last Time Travelers were born.

At a time when space and time stood still three musicians found inspiration in separation.  The total being greater than the sum of the parts results in sounds never heard before.

Original as it is there are comparisons. Nuclear fusion forging elements of jazz, hard rock , funk, and world music also known as "Jamadelic Jazz Rock World Fusion!"

Always fresh and free from expectations. Expressing the joy of discovery is job one. Contextualizing personal point of view in universal forms , delighting listeners of all ages and leaving no rock unturned.

The Last Time Travelers

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