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Another Fun Gig at Indian Valley Brewing in March, 2022!

We were able to set up inside which is good because it would have been uncomfortably cold outside both for us and the audience.

On the other hand you'll see from the pictures below, we were playing in an enclosed area that felt a lot like a shoebox. Because of the cramped quarters only one person could really set up gear at a time. To top it off, we decided to record the session, which required double the setup time!

So we got a bit of a late start. The first tune was about 30 minutes late. But no one was upset and we had a good audience with most of the seating in the room filled.

The crowd was enthusiastic and stayed until the very end. And all of this attendance occurred despite 3 other venues with live music within about a 5 block radius. The Downtown Novato Live Music Scene was hopping!

There were even a few people who came in and took long video shots of us. We currently have no idea who the videographers were or what they'll do with the material. Maybe it was just live streamed?

If you're reading this blog and were one of the videographers, we'd love to see/hear what you recorded! Feel free to contact us using our Contact page.

The audience also spanned a good range of ages from high school kids (with parents), a few college kids and adults of a broad age range. What a treat to be able to play music for all these different people!

Anyway, without further delay, here are some still photos taken by my friend Wes. Enjoy!

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